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  • There are many family reunion hotels that will not only accommodate your extended family, they will offer group discounts and provide a banquet room for your event. Most will require a 60 day notice; however last-minute planners will still be able to make arrangements if necessary.

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  • Author: Wilford C.
    what can i use for decorating a cake for halloween party which will go with the theme of haunted house?
    • There are many stores you can go to to get halloween cake decorations. Michael's Craft store is one of the best places to start as they specialize in cake decorating and even have classes you can take. For a more budget friendly approach, try your local dollar stores, they usually bring in lots of different items and I'm sure you will find some great things there.
      Answered by: Maria W.
  • Author: Christopher T.
    My son will have his birthday sone. Has anyone got some good birthday party food ideas?
    • Some popular party foods include pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, basically any food that children will like. If you want to have more variety, you could have other popular foods such as spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and festive foods such as that. Don't forget to have deserts such as icecream, cake, and pie!
      Answered by: Nicholas Y.
  • Author: Alyssa B.
    My daughter is being christened in a few weeks time and we are holding the party in my garden. We are expecting 40 guests to arrive. I already have a marquee in case of rain. Is it possible to find a local chair rentals companies quickly and easily on the internet?
    • Yes, Finding chair rental firms online is possible. Ideally you would want to start with your local town and broaden your search to bigger towns in your surrounding area.
      Answered by: Brianna G.

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