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  • When considering your choices of conference meeting rooms, make sure to take into consideration how many people will be in the conference, and amenities such as a coffee area are important to consider as well.

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  • Author: Christina Q.
    I am doing the craft for my son's Halloween party. What monster craft ideas are there?
    • At your son's Halloween party, you could make monsters crafts like decorating monster themed cupcakes. You could bake cupcakes and decorate them with "blood" (red frosting). You could also color monster coloring pages.
      Answered by: Erin A.
  • Author: Brittany G.
    I need a bulk of pirate bags for halloween. Where can I find a batch of them locally?
    • If you are looking for more information where can you find a bulk of pirate bags, the best place to look is on
      Answered by: Rachel Q.
  • Author: Shelby Y.
    My son wants to be prince for halloween. Where can I get a costume for him?
    Topic: Costumes
    • You can find prince costumes at Target or other retailers like Wal Mart and K-Mart. Sometimes you have to shop around for the best ones! You can also find costumes at halloween retail stores online! There are several different ones.
      Answered by: Billingsleigh I.

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