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  • When you are setting up an event, create a standardized set of accommodations and agreements. This way you can take the standardized set from place to place.

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  • Author: Anna Myers
    My 14 year old daughter is having her first slumber party next week. What are some fun activities that teenage girls enjoy at slumber parties?
    • Teenage girls enjoy everything from singing to hair and make-up. Grab a karaoke machine, a couple facials in a bottle, nail kits, even scary movies. Also make sure to have plenty easy to eat or prepare food on hand, chips and pizza are the way to go.
      Answered by: goneal
  • Author: wlynch
    I am having a spring party and need music. My friend knows a musician, is it good practice to hire a friend's friend?
    • Word of mouth recommendations are actually great. Ask your friend what she thinks of the musician, what she has heard, and if she has first hand experience of the kind of job that he does. If you are still interested, call the musician and have a meeting. Ask him to bring any samples of his work that he might have. After meeting the musician, and discussing your wants with him, you should have a good idea of whether or not you would like to hire him. Also do a little searching and compare what your friends friend is offering you, to what other musicians might be able to offer you. Just remember, if you do hire your friend's friend the agreement is between you and the musician. Your friend is not a part of it. And, hopefully everything will go well and there will be nothing to worry about.
      Answered by: richardmitchell8
  • Author: William J.
    I am planning an evening party for my teenage daughter and would like to use neon party supplies. Is there a website that specializes in neon party supplies that I can order online?
    • A website that specializes in neon party supplies is You can order these online.
      Answered by: Cody T.